What is it?

The Candidate Coach is Australia's leading platform for job seeker support and guidance. We have everything we need on one site to help job seekers prepare well and stand out in the recruitment process - and we present this to them in your brand.

The benefits

Attracting the best talent is tough in a highly competitive market. The Candidate Coach allows you to instantly stand out from other employers from the very start of the recruitment process. Existing employees also love using our platform to upskill themselves and prepare for internal applications. There's little to no touch required from you (we take care of it all) and you'll be promoting and protecting your consumer brand at the same time.

What's included

A fully customised candidate coaching platform in your brand. The platform includes include job seeker video coaching, resume templates, practice tests, AI powered interview practice, mental health support, weekly live workshops and so much more!

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How to use it

There are so many uses for your Candidate Coach platform. The obvious one is to share it with job seekers and this can be done in many ways (such as automated emails already going out). Talent Acquisition staff can use it to guide and coach job seekers to prepare for interviews. Internal employers can use it to upskill themselves. And it can also be shared with your organisations' customers to promote your brand.

Clients & examples

We are proud to have provided platforms to some of Australia's leading employers including Medibank, Optus, Flybuys and EML.

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